Install Ecosoft 'Bob' counter top water filter.

2 primary reasons.
  • We do not drink the tank water in our camper, even to make coffee. We have used a Pur 'end of faucet' filter for years, since 2004. I'm pretty cautious about water we put in tank, always use exterior filter system. At home though I use our city tap water to fill, mostly for the chlorine. We don't drink it at home, pretty bad-sure ain't gonna drink it from the tank.

  • The little end of faucet filter worked but it was extremely slow and couldn't put coffee pot under spout, shallow sink/short faucet. Which was main motivation...speed and ease of use.

    This Echosoft Bob is the bees knees. LINKAbout half the price of similar units.

    Installed Bob, simply unscrew the end of spout Pur and screw on Bobs attachment-used same thread but comes with adapters. Wow, amazed at the flow. After running it for a few minuets to clear put the pot under-who whoo!

    Fits, can directly fill pot with filtered water. Wont have to run water for 5 minuets due to previous filter into pitcher then pour into pot. Stoked!
    However our sink is rim mount, Bobs as base rocked terribly and doesn't allow spout to protrude into sink enough, have to either tilt or the pot. Plus a mile of extra hose. Decided to 'customize' for our use.

    I removed the base to try to either flatten base or use feet to stop the rocking and also turn the outlet hose fitting 90 so hose lay more flat before measuring to cut. However I couldn't see a reason to reinstall base. It holds water if splashed but mostly keeps spout space back. It does help keep the spout from unscrewing but shouldn't be moving around with the spout. Also without the warped base Bobs a mellow fella and doesn't rock. So base is nixed.

    Removing base allows more easily get Bob to cantilever toward the sink, moving spout about 5/8". To further move I wanted to elevate so housing slides over sink rim, but without base nothing to stick on the 1/4" felt pads.

    My hack was some scrap 1/4" aluminum bar using housing screws, then I attached the felt pads. This raised front of housing about 5/16" so Bob can slide against rim and new feet, placing spout a good inch+ further into sink. Setting the pot under, no tilting, all water goes into pot even the last trickle when turned off. With all that cut off about 18" from hose. (slightly warm to remove hose from barb fitting)

    All that is for my own use- out of the box- pretty happy with this EcoSoft filter. More water at reasonable flow, easy use with tall stuff. No more filter hanging down in already short space.

    Of course..reminded me, need to sanitize system, now would be a good time with new filter in place.

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