Original install 2019- UPDATE 2022

Convert Ecosoft 'Bob' counter top water filter to mount under counter with dedicated faucet

    Original install Counter top water filter

Not shown above but on the road traveling the filter was strapped against wall the. Last outing, Jan2022, it came loose (likely forgot to secure) and it fell over. It did leak out quite a bit of water but surprisingly it didn't break the water lines. Decided I needed to make a holder to ensure doesn't happen again. Ended up converting Bob to under counter mount, installing a dedicated faucet.

While the on-counter filter was easy to install, maintain and use lack of simple way to secure was its demise. Started out making a bracket to secure for traveling but ended up converting the housing to mount under sink and install separate faucet.

Shaped a half round from aluminum flat bar that filter will set into, cut slots to run strap around. Getting ready to carve out half round in wood backing that will bolt to wall and bracket would screw to I paused... kept seeing an under counter filter. It would take less counter space, wouldn't have to play with the faucet end valve to use or secure for traveling. Nice dedicated faucet always there...

Though what I had planned would work I stopped on the bracket to look at what might be used instead. Looking at replacement unit few issues, one is cost to replace a perfectly working filter but more is finding a place to mount.

Somewhere in this I realized that BOBs filter housing is identical to many units available EXCEPT its upside down.

Picture of home filter housings and campers shore filter.

Bobs filter housing and base is the same, but again the counter top units are simply set upside down. All I need to do to convert to under counter is unscrew the spout fitting and screw in a quick connect fitting, purchase a faucet and hard plumb 1/4" lines.

So that s what I'm doing. Utilize what we have will save better than half the cost of new unit plus I need to get creative to mount as most under counter filter mounts wouldn't work. No where to mount (which is why we got Bob in the first place) and if I could mount no way to change filters under cabinet without flooding.

Ordered generic faucet from amazon. Picked up a Sharkbite #25665 Twistloc 1/2 x1/2 x1/4" tee from local Ace hardwareto tap 1/2" PEX feed line. (note package says 1/2x1/2x1/8", pex/copper tube is measured by inside diameter, 1/8" fits 1/4" OD tube, 1/2" fits PEX ~5/8" OD). Nice as its compact, only needed to cut out about 1" of existing tube. CTS is the same size and used for PEX. Also a Sharkbite 1/4 MPT x 1/4 quick connect ell (to replace existing spout fitting).

FYI SharkBite makes a branch tee with valve (Ice Maker Tee Valve Item #4908125| Mfr #25656 -Ace hardware but I was in hurry and have a bag full of 1/4" valves.

First I drilled counter for faucet with 7/16" bit. Mounted then installed its supplied 1/4" quick connect fitting attaching about 4' of 1/4" tube. The plan is to be able to completely remove filter housing from under cabinet to change filters outside.

This is the elbow that replaced outlet spout. Connected to tube from faucet. NOTE- cant imagine anyone else doing this but the fittings on our housing are taper pipe threads- accepts standard 1/4" MPT.

The housing mounted. At the bottom is a 6" square of 1/8" plywood (not shown) with some scraps glued to capture housing. At the top I was able to use the aluminum half circle I had made to hold top with velcro strap. Once velcro released housing can be lifted up and swung out from cabinet to change filter.

Sharkbite tee spliced into cold water line. The 1/4" tube is from filter housing inlet that previously went to end of faucet valve. I simply cut off valve and inserted into tee.

Spliced in 1/4" shut of valve. Mostly so when housing removed to change filter, I dont need to shut down entire system and drain lines to open housing.

Nice. A lot cleaner, no hose draped around, more counter space. Can use either faucet or both without switching valve. More room under main faucet spout. While the counter top filter worked well and solved issues of mounting and not plumbing under counter filter, this effort well worth it.

Only thing I dont like is under sink access panel is screwed on. Likely will address somehow to easily check periodically to verify no leaks.

Note to self-changing filter. Remove access panel, turn off 1/4" valve, open faucet to relieve pressure, release velcro strap, lift housing out from under sink into bucket. Change filter, turn valve back on & check for leaks before returning to mount.

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