Paint Stove vent exterior cover

    Simple freshening up/painting of exterior vent cover. This one is only couple of years old. Its already yellowed as much as the old one. Made of styrene they just don't hold up and stay white.

    Previous vent cover I broke using the awning rod to reach and lock one evening. At the time I wasn't too upset as I was in the midst of adding inside control, the old vent was pretty yellowed. New inside control and new $10 vent cover, can be seen 04/12 Vent page, but point is its just a tad over 2 years old.

    Currently in the middle of rebuilding rear wing, had all the paint stuff out so went ahead and painted the ugly cover.

    I've had good success using the Krylon Fusion paint on plastic. Masked it off and sprayed out. Its an easy inexpensive way to help keep camper plastics looking better.

    Looks, well less noticeable, at least white.

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