Fix Table Leg

Minor project but major annoyance. Were always kicking the table leg getting in out from dinette. The table wobbled like crazy due to the folding leg mount was spreading. This in turn would work the wall mounts until they would spread. I was always shoving cardboard in the wall clips to stop the table from shaking.

Decided to try & fix.

table leg

Removed the table, then removed the leg from table. Took out to the shop. Laid leg it on its side with pivot pin on vise anvil and hammered the large pivot pin, checking that leg would still move. Did this quite a few times until the leg was snug. No wonder the table moved. Reinstalled the table wow what a difference. Hammered the wall clips a bit to snug them up. Almost no movement, guess its been loose for ever. How can I stop this from just happening again?

Then I had a brain twinge. If I made some kind of base to capture the bottom of leg, when we kick it cant move and wont spread the pivot. Hmmmm. Looking around I remembered I had an old wooden closet pole socket...nah- cant be that easy.

Took it out to the camper. Removed the rubber foot from leg, set socket on leg. Perfect fit!. So used a large wood screw and attached the closet pole socket to floor. Now when we kick it the leg doesn't move and doesn't loosen the leg pivot. Cool! free & easy

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