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Last updated: December 10, 2020

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~ Additions
      Scissor Steps updated below
      Replace scissors steps w/Torklift Glowsteps and add basement step
      Installed Torklift Stow N'Go bracket and Landing Gear legs to steps
      Fold out handrail
      Camper reading Lights
      Add Flexible reading Lights
      Add a light by door, add 12v receptacle
      Camper Solar panel install
      Solar, page 2
      Aux portable solar "suitcase"
      Exterior 110v outlet
      Hardwired inverter, add new plug, remote switch
      Add watt meter to inverter
      Add 110v plug for elect. heater
      Add 110v split shore/inverter plug at dinette table
      Extend split 110v plug to other side of table, add inverter remote switch
      USB & 12volt receptacles added at dinette table
      Add backup camera to camper
      Install LED porch lights to sides of camper, wired 3way switches
      Install second inverter, mostly to run electric coffee pots, another split outlet
     3rd inverter,but this is in truck to run Fridge on AC, hardwire fridge AC umbilcal cord/split receptacle
      Swing out TV shelf
      Replace TV, add 12v/110v inverter updated below
      Replace TV, table arm with articulating arm & add sound system
      Set up for Satellite dish
      Add Ubiquiti WiFi antenna and booster to camper
      Add Weboost Cell phone antenna and booster
~ Modifications & additions
      Add Mopeka LPG tank monitor
      Second camper water pump switch
      Add camper water pump Accumulator
      Add an access port to water tank
      Water filter
      Gen.door screen to louvers
      Camper Door Clear Glass
      Camper Catalytic Heater
      Add adjustability to scissor steps Used ~10 years, now replaced. See additions
      Adjusting the scissor steps page2
      Add spacers to camper flip step
      Add light switch outside bathroom
      Add interior fans to refrigerator
      Add exterior fans & baffle to fridge w/inside switching
      Replace stove sparker with electronic ignition with electrodes at stove top AND oven
      Add hot water circulating pump to bath sink for 'instant' hot water
      Add small electronic timer to circulating pump, runs 10 seconds instead of holding momentary switch.
~ General
      Camper stands
      Aux. wheeled holding tank & bracket
      Rubber wheels for Aux waste tank
      Load camper ease, slides, bed rail lights
      Add rear awning
      Replace chain/turnbuckle tiedowns w/ T/L Fastgun tiedowns
      Add Jack stabilizer arms
      Cut new leveling blocks
      Rework screen & main door. Add full width push bar, auxiliary opener to bypass sliding cover. Main door now self latches.
~ Modifications & upgrades
      Insulating camper
      Camper Jack power switches.
      Add 2nd Camper Battery
      Replace/Upgrade converter
      Replace stove vent motor w cpu fan updated below
      Add cable control to open/close ext. stove vent door from inside, modify stock motor to 2 speed.
      Replace stove vent motor & add PWM variable switch
      Replace Fantastic Vent 3 speed switch with PWM variable switch
      Change bulbs to LED
      Build dinette dual led/florescent light box
      Build over sink area led light box
      Update all Florescent to LED tubes
          Replace under cabinet fixture, convert dinette light
          Add 12" LED under stove hood
      Convert Bargman taillights with LEDs. Add additional ground path
      Replace Bargman backup lights bulbs with LED panel bulbs
      Flip Winegard antenna head for A/C clearance
      Add water proof toilet paper holder
      Replace bath vent fan with Hengs Vortex fan, add remote PWM controller
~ Storage & Comfort
      2008 Camper Dinette back cushion
      2020 rework dinette, Angle seat bottoms & backs
      Add drawer & storage box
      2009 add Carpet to floor
      2016 Re carpet entire Camper
      Add a drawer
      Built cabinet for fire extq.
      Add DVD rack
      Increase slide step storage
      Replace wire rack pantry
      Remove radio to enlarge/utilize cabinet
      Reinstall radio under cabinet
      Replace slotted closet affair w/pole
      Add shelf at back door
      Replace bath vanity cabinet
      Add "headboard", straps so we don't lean against bed window
      Install air conditioner, move vent
      Add under table shelf to dinnet
      Replace/relocate under bath sink drain for more room
      Add full width step to get into bed
      Replace small drawer with a larger one
      Add access door to basement to store 7' ladder
      Add basement access hatch to inside floor.
~ Upgrades & Repairs
      Replace tank monitor with SeeLevel II system
      Refrigerator 'check light' board fix-(Dometic)
      Replace slide topper fabric
      Repair roof seams w sealing tape
      Paint door window frame
      Weather proof tv coax (ant.) box
      Replace fridge heater element
      2011; Replace sewer dump/drain valves
      2020; Replace sewer dump valves, add access panel & lube fittings
      2011; Fix water heater electronic ignited sparking forever
      2016; replace forever sparking ignitor module
      Replace cabover front window glass
      Bypass failed generator board starting circuit, add manual switches to start
      Replace broken bath diverter faucet, add separate shower valve
      Replace Thetford toilet with taller, foot control toilet, replace floor flange
~ Structural Repairs
      Rebuild roof structure, replace EPDM -01/11
      Major-slide wall failure, Fix, repair front wall, tie front jacks -02/13
      Rebuild drivers side rotted skirt -06/14
      Rebuild passenger side rotted skirt -07/14
~ Truck 2001 Ford F250 Its own sub page
      Spare tire hoist access relocation
      DRW Conversion
      Air compressor in dash controls
      Add air reservoirs 'ping tanks' to air bag systems
      Camper CB antenna
      Change receiver to SuperHitch/ tow with camper
      Scooter & hitch
      Add truck ignition. controlled relay for fridge control
      Add additional charge line
      Add cab lights to truck
      Convert old T/L arms to side steps
      Modify small bed mounted winch/mounts for multi use
      Add 110v on board battery maintainer, and 110v port to truck
      Replace yellowed leaking stock headlights with '05 style
      Upgrade mirrors to later year with LED lights
      Adding electric power retracting running boardsin progress
      Swap in an '06 140 amp alternator replacing stock 110 amp
      Truck gets new android radio, front & rear cameras
      Truck gets inverter to run camper fridge on AC

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