Picked up a small (50cc) scooter,

Mostly for getting round/sight seeing where we don't unload or want to drive the camper. Great for large campgrounds, driving to trail heads. It was used, cheap-but its been almost 3 years at this writing and have used it a lot. Lot of fun. We repainted it to match the truck, it was like a royal blue. A very generic Chinese scooter, weight about 225#. These are all pretty similar.

Installed a front Hidden Hitch (brand) to truck to carry scooter. The hitch was an easy install-reinstalling the Ford fog lights took a bit of re engineering, and done a few weeks after theses pics were taken. Built a rack and drop hitch. After preliminary build I had to add some stiffening tubes under the aluminum channel. Held weight fine but want to twist along its length even with scooter tied. Details, more figuring it out as you go. in progress R&D.

I added lights to rack cause although I don't usually drive the camper at night-wanted to just incase. Added front plug for rack turn signals & lights, wired in dash switch for aux lights. The scooter doesn't block head lights but does from certain directions obscure the turn signals. The aux lights-they been laying around for years.

Found a folding alum. ramp that is carried on the camper ladder (shown on pics of rear awning install 11/05). Its quite long so makes loading easy.


The only problem I had was the rack really rocked side to side going down the road. I was going to switch to dual receivers but then just added turn buckles to tow hooks. Easy fix that stabilized it.


Scooter mods:
Scooter gets a hitch Put a hitch on the scooter to haul our 'poo bucket'.
New rubber wheelsChange poobucket plastic wheels
Repaint speedo gage Repaint the scooter gage getting rid of KM-highlighting MPH
Rack detail Some detail pics and placement dimensions of rack

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