Install Reading lights

Added bullet reading lights over bed. Our camper didn't have any. Was going to simply run wire from ceiling lights to corner bed cabinets (again ours didn't come with these)... You can also see the valance over the bed, I shortened and leaned back, it was pointing straight down?


[update-correction 03/06. An inquiry bout this addition caused me to look-realized this was what I thought I was going to do...I had mounted the lights/ preliminary check on where wiring was going- then added this entry to the page- Next day I couldn't fish the wire to cabinets, there's a rafter or something up there.

Anyway I ended up running power from the cabinet at the foot of the bed, along the wall under carpet and up into the left cabinet. Drilling small holes in all cabinet bases I ran the wire tucking under carpet. Wire is split in first cabinet and then runs to second along wall and then up inside cabinet to second light. The lights, at right angles like they are now, you really cant turn the light far enough to point more or less straight down-so they shine as much on the person beside you as what you may be reading.

wow-that didn't work....Well better than the overhead lights.

Update 5 YEARS LATER 06/06, this has been on the to do list 4 a couple of years. Found lights that may work-flexible goose neck, See 06/06. flexible goose neck lights Ordered and installed, the are Great!,

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