this page lists some of the mods to our Ranger. If you've an idea, persue it -might be easier than you think, you dont have to spend a fortune



Even more ideas can be had at the Ranger forums


Welcome to Ranger 101

Though purchased for a commuter, I cant leave anything alone. Ive serious projects where I need to do things right, but this Project is all about simple&cheap...Here are some of the simple mods we've done. Its not so much a how-to page as just a place to list mods, however simple.
NOTE: Ranger has been sold for awhile-left page up because it still gets quite a few hits-hope it helps or encourages you to persue your project. Don't forget the forums-best place for concentrated results if your looking for something/ideas. Or post your question, someone out there has done it or knows how. Enjoy

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