Replace camper wardrobe/closet door mirror

Quite a long time ago we had added a large oval mirror to inside of closet door as the one in the bathroom is rather small, sets in corner and hard to use. New mirror worked well, and looked ok. Margaret used it a lot.

While changing a light fixture, I opened the closet door for easier access to overhead screws, leaning, I thought, against the door frame 'till I heard a SNAP. Good grief snapped the mirror right in half. Finished hanging light.

Been looking for several months, I don't know where we got the mirror, All I know it was cheap but really clear and oval size fit well. Then local hardware got some rectangular framed mirrors in, perfect width though taller than the door and $11 bucks. If I can get the frame off. Cut the glass to correct height, recut frame-It'll look like it belongs on the door-cool.

Removed camper closet door took to shop. Measured twice+ for needed mirror cut length so its frame would match door. So proceeded to remove the frame to access mirror glass for cutting. Well after 2 hours getting the glued to glass frame off, I set mirror on closet door, flatter than my work bench, and scored the glass. About 1/4" from edge the door rocked causing me to run cutter off edge, SNAP.

Errr. Well after some thought, I decided to recut, it'll end up about 8" short but I can center it on the door. Sucks, would have been perfect. So recut the mirror, cut frame to fit and installed on the door....well that looks like dog poop.

The frame is a very dark brown, if it had matched square of door (as intended) would have been ok-but this just looks dumb. It also as it now spans between side frames has little center support. I thought since I have an edge I could easily attach a small shelf, maybe it would look like it was planned. Cut some cardboard to support mid of frame.

Realizing this 10 minute change out was becoming a project from hell Started taking pictures. Here is the door after added shelf.


Installed now too short mirror...with added shelf


And here is detail of the shelf.

It just a piece of 1x3, notched to set inside of frame sitting against frame. This gives a little support, uses some of the space under mirror. I routed about 1/8+ from face so shelf has a lip. Its toe nailed into lower door frame and thru front panel face. I added the lil angled supports underneath. This will be nice for her to set combs or whatever on it.

Well-there are 2 issues one is the mirror, as it doesn't reach lower door frame, has no vertical support, the side clips may not hold it, second though it looks better still looks like crap. At this point I almost decided to go get another mirror and start over. Pondering for a while why this looks so bad & how to support mirror


Here I crudely edited pic in paint, cut & pasting pieces of frame trying to draw what was bugging me. Try and see what it would have looked like if cut as planned. In the doctored pic as I was trying to created full frame to see if worth starting over I reached this point...ya know if I could either cut mirror or other insert to fill those spaces it might not look half bad, use what I got. Like it was planned. I have enough plastic to frame, which would also add the needed vertical support. What the heck.

I figured mirror would look good (seem to have a lot of scrap) but proportionally would be too easy to break. I have some paneling... So this is where I'm going


I like it, well looks ok, kinda 80's rustic. Oh well it's how I'm proceeding. Cutting little pieces of paneling, gluing to paper back then framing. Bottom done, got pieces for top cut.

mirror mirror

Nice flash. Ever tried taking a picture of a mirror.
The upper & lower insert frames are routed so they set flush to inside door panel holding inserts. All frames are lined up but in pictures you see the depth difference, mirror frame protrudes farther so looks like they aren't lined up. Also removed the clips and screwed frame to door

Done!. Will remount door once it's aired out. Got to say, I think this is the silliest thing I've ever done in the camper, short of when I tripped on the step when camper was new and fell out. Simple fix gone wild. Oh well needed fixing, we've got a mirror and a small shelf. I got to play with my tools...

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