Raise closet door

closet door

Raise closet door approx 2 1/2" for extra clearance over the bed. Anything laying on bed or bunched up blankets you couldn't open the door, was a pain. Then following weekend I removed the under bed platform, which effectively made this pointless. Oh well. This was the 1st mod to camper. It did allow me to come to the conclusion "its our camper"....

Removing the bed platform, Flip up bed platform was about 6" deep, size of bed. Though a great storage idea, this could hold a lot of stuff blankets and stuff, I didn't think (1) it was worth the weight (2) worth the hassle of using. But mostly give us more head room. Sitting up in bed/reading watching TV etc or just getting into it, your head was really close, constantly banging my head. Plus now I've a whole sheet of matching paneling and planks for other projects as they might come up.

Also, sometime later addressed the silly slotted hanger bar, changed to angled smooth rod see closet rod page

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