Add micro switch to turn on/off light in bath sink cabinet

    Few years ago added a light in bath sink cabinet. As there is (was) no power, used power from water pump switch. Worked but if just getting into cabinet and wanted light had to turn on water pump and/or every time water pump turned on light in cabinet is on. Back in this cabinet to run recently added hot water pump remote switch wires, I realized since this light was added I had run power for the cell and wifi booster. They are in cabinet on other side of shower wall. Would be easy now since in here to run power thru for light.

    The original light added, I don't know what it was robbed from. Simple 4 bulb LED panel, possibly from old taillight.

    Anyway,running constant power I need to add a switch. As you cant see regardless day or night into this cabinet without light, decided door switch would be nice. Open the door and light automatically comes on. Thought I had a new clever idea but apparently looking at old install page I had already decided on this when light installed.

    snip " that I have ground source and a power wire already available might as well since I'm here. Light is an old LED panel light, perfect inside cabinet. Made a small wood bracket to hang over door inside. Draws less than 0.1 amp. but when I get a switch I'll add to door so its only on if the doors open." ... hmm so this now is just a roundtoit completion. Instead of being clever, again reminded of not remembering what I did yesterday...

    The light from inside the cabinet. Drilled a small hole thru wall to run hot lead from closet. Have a hugh collection of different door/lid switches salvaged from different appliances but nothing really lent itself to mounting. Finally found a normally closed micro switch (contact broken when switch/arm pushed). Playing with different positions finally opted to mount directly to the light. Up at top tucked so shouldn't get hit or be in the way.

    Has a long switch arm which I folded over to get a round contact surface. Also makes it easy to adjust when it switches. Its set to switch when door is about 1/4" at latch side from frame, switch still has a bit of travel left.

    That was easy- automatic light...Nice when retrieving something. Nicer middle of the night, open the door latch, light comes on so you can easily see to turn on water pump switch. Nice light for doing midnight tinkel without having to turn on way to bright ceiling light. We have an inexpensive battery powered motion sensor light for getting to bath and back into bed. Simple project

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