Rework kitchen sink stoppers

Recently converted counter top filter to under counter mount, installing a dedicated faucet.

Margaret inspecting noted be nice if I could 'fix' the stoppers....

Fix kitchen sink stoppers

Not really related but since I was here...Our kitchen sink basket/stoppers are lift and 1/4 turn either open or close. Issue is they always manage to rotate themselves to closed position.

The stoppers have raised feet that set on the cross bar of drain (open) or fit between the cross bar allowing stopper to slip down (closed). When using sink, as mentioned, the stoppers self rotate and sink starts filling up. Margaret finds it frustrating to always be fiddling with the stoppers to let sink drain.

Looked at replacing with pop up stoppers but the sink drain connecting the 2 sinks is plumbed about 2" from bottom of sink. Cabinet structure wont allow drain pipe to be lowered so not enough space.

As we have never filled the sink to hold water, realized all I need is to stop the stoppers from slipping in between the cross bar. I had some stainless steel washers that just happened to be correct diameter to drop down and set on top of the cross bars. Drilled holes around center so water will still freely flow. If we ever wish to fill sink (never have) simply remove the washers or get a small rubber stopper.


Sink drains are 1 1/2". Inside is flange thats only 1" diameter that basket sat in. In it place modified washer so basket cant slip down.

Well almost simple. Works but too much restriction. With new washer in place water would start backing up. Of coarse before this, draining was slow, that extra bit of washer enough to choke flow

Disaasembled sink drain and removed the flanges took to shop.

Drilled the perimeter of inner webs with (16) 11/64" holes. Also redrilled the holes in bottom of basket/stoppers from 1/8" to 11/64". Reinstall flanges and drain pipe. With basket in place (not shown) full faucet force, water doesnt even slow down.

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