Replace both LP and Carbon Monoxide detectors

Been on the list forever. Always balk at price of LP detectors. Recommended now is replacing LP detector every 5 years, ours is 19 and still functions. The CO 10 years, again ours still works. But batteries died on the CO and reminded me, its time. Think I got my moneys worth.

Looking around the CO detectors are fairly cheap. The LP though start at about $50. Worse is the reviews on new detectors. Built to expire in 5 years (forcing replacement) a lot of folks report simply failing within a year or 2. And usually going off in the middle of the night.

Almost put this on the back burner but they are 19 years old. Found a simple inexpensive Kidde KN-COPP-B-LPN Carbon Monoxide (CO) with digital display. A lot smaller than the old Atwood.
Amazon link... (links are only what I used, not a recomendation)

Remove old unit- install the new. A lot nicer to look at. Fortunately original was installed with only 2 of 3 screws? So covering holes was easy. Did mount a bit lower. CO detectors do not really require specific mounting height like a LP detector. Just needs to be in free air space, not in a corner or up against ceiling where air movement less.

Then the LP detector...
Our original is a CCI Controls #7773.2. No longer made. MTI Industries makes a direct replacement 30-442-P. Original is installed in a cutout on wall so using the MTI that uses same hole, seems like easy decision.
Amazon link

The issue though is number of new units that just quit reading reviews. And by quit I mean randomly going off-worse case in the middle of the night. Mute only silences for a while Disabling not easy as its hardwired to 12v system. Just doesn't inspire a lot of confidence with about 10% failure rate....

So I'm going to install a switch to disable the detector just in case. I can turn off instead of fumbling around, gathering tools and un-wiring at dark thirty. NOTE circumventing the detector IS unsafe-but so is un-wiring. Likely turn off propane if this happens. We don't use heat at night, the fridge will stay cool. Deal with detector in the morning. As our old one still works probably carry for spare.

New detectors do not set off alarm with low voltage or being disconnected. Didn't realize that until installed. To guard against detector accidentally being switched off adding a 12v dissconnect alarm. (link bottom of page)

Ordered a brown detector...

Hmmm 'new' brown is a lot different. Kinda bummed until installed.

Its the same color as the floor hatch (which is Taupe, sort of light brown). Normal view, this is corner under slide floor, the dark brown access cover isn't seen so actually worked out better. The new MTI screw holes are about 1/16-1/8" narrower spacing but screws went in fine. works. Our hole is framed some folks where only paneling behind have problems.

Added on/off switch shown. Where its at would be difficult to accidentally trip but alarm will alert if happens. Alarm I'm adding hasn't arrive yet, it will be wired between the switch and detector.

Margaret picked a new bedspread...

I like it-colors match better than old one which was getting a bit worn. Inviting- makes me want to take a nap...especailly since more likely to wake up now:)

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And later adding back a 12v disconnect alarm...
12v disconnect alarm Alerts if LP detector turned off (accidentally or intentionally) and also as audible conformation when campers batteries turned off

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