Adding protective caps to camper umbilical cord.

Clean campers umbilical cords, add some protective cap and add a rack store vertically.

Recent addition adding AC invert to truck to run fridge on AC worked out nice. However getting ready for last outing fridge would not turn on from truck.Spent some time tracking wiring but gave up, deal with later. Inside if I set to camp I could get it running but functions were all screwed up. Once home tore into everything trying to figure it out and finally determined it was the auxiliary umbilical cord- simple corrosion.

Normally I have the cords bungied up underneath camper wings to keep out of direct rain etc. However they are exposed to the air, will and do corrode a bit. I do clean periodically but this had me stumped, simply didn't appear to be problem with plugs the way fridge reacted.

All besides the point. After seriously cleaning the plugs and receptacle everything worked as it was supposed. Decided I need to come up with a way keep this from happening again. Also when loading the camper the cords always catch even bungied up and have to stop and reposition when backing truck under.

Got on line and first thing to pop up were these caps that cover the end of plugs.
WirthCo 20081 7-Way Trailer Plug Cover (amazon B072J5VZ4C /$6.30.

I had never seen these before.

Perfect. Completely cover end of plugs, have a lanyard so not get lost, ordered 2.

Soaked the lanyard in some hot water to slip over the plugs. One plug has larger ears and would not go over but rests on bottom of barrel ok. Found a cover for the AC plug, but changing to a 3 to 2 prong plug adapter. 3/2 Adapters have terminal used to ground that can be used to tether to cord. Nice, should really slow down corrosion and exposure to coastal air.

There is one major drawback on these caps. If the cord is hanging down, like picture above, water can and WILL collect inside the cap. Corrosion will be worse than no caps so a means to keep cord pointed up must be done. Which in my case was something I wanted to do anyway, secure cords up against camper wall. Just need to ensure what ever I do also orients the cap up.

A lot of hee hawing around trying to think of easy mount/hanger that would do both. Going thru scraps had a piece of 2" aluminum flat bar. Figured I could cut and bend to make hooks for plugs to hang from. Angle would be nice but I dont have any on hand.

So i cut and bent the flat bar. Plugs are rather large so cut to have 2 1/4" protrusion and bent 1 1/4" up for mounting.

Simply clamped in vise and cold bent over then cut to length. One cord is 5/8" the other is 1/2" so drilled both 5/8" so either will fit. I was going to make 3rd one for AC cord but leaving gap between the 2 mounts it can use both mounts to hang.

Rough cut with hack saw to hole

Filed and sanded. Likely will bend tips slightly to keep cords from walking out. Getting ready to drill mounting holes for screws but debating on 3rd mount to go in between for AC cord.Think I need to place on camper see how cords set. If using 2" angle I know AC cord would have its own slot. Ears of umbilical plugs may not let the 2 brackets set close to eyeball.

Made a 3rd. Mostly because setting up on camper due to stiffness of the umbilical cords the brackets need to set at an angle. The AC cord wouldn't set between. Bent ends a bit and drilled/countersink for mounting screws.

And mounted. Drill pilot holes in camper. Caulked back of brackets to bed onto wall. Looks a bit funny but functional. If I had used angle the whole bracket would been set at angle. Kind of wish I had bent tips a bit more but it works

Cords hung! Out of the weather, capped to minimize corrosion, out of the way for loading. Also be easier to retrieve to plug in.

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