Add 12v volt meter at dinette table

Part 5 of dinette mods, much later but added a meter to easily see battery status.

    Simply convenience. Other than pushing the button on systems monitor, we use the solar controller to check battery voltage. When setting at the dinette, its difficult to see 12v meter on the solar controller, or a night need a flash light to see it. Its also at rear door/across isle. So to see need to get up to go look.

    12v meter

    Simply adding a 12v meter that can be turned on at dinette to check batteries.

    I picked up an inexpensive volt meter from amazon. It has an on/off so we dont need to look at it or constant power drain,
    (though I forgot to check draw once wired what draw if any when meter off :(

    USB charger

    Have power behind the shelf added at dinette so installing here. Removed the shelf and took to shop.

    Meter will mount thru face of shelf but required a bit of back counter boring as shelf is bit too thick. Using 1 1/8" butterfly bit drilled face about 1/8" deep, center of bit thru, then from back side using 1 1/2" bit to remove about 1/4" of material. Then finished drilling thru from front with the 1 1/8" bit.

    Mounted. Power wire soldering to incoming power to USB switch, so meter will work whether USB switch on or off. Ground I'll have to tap extra wire at dinette.

    Fun part. Re routing wires thru shelf supports and zip ties to keep from falling down.

    Touch face and meter displays voltage. (camera doesn't like it but numbers are crisp and clear

    Touch again and it displays percentage. Set at 100%=13.6 volts.
    This not really useful as battery will always show less than 100% in use. 12.1,12.2 volts is when I start turning things off.

    And long touch meter turns off. Just a nice round dome.
    Major upgrade, not really- just simple convenience of touching the little meter to read battery status when sitting at dinette.

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