Labor Day weekend project-replace all cabinet hinges and pulls


door curtain

Thing about remodel is finding that stopping point....Recently re carpeted camper, were still inside.

Nothing really here-just documenting changing out cabinet hardware

Original bright shiny brass pulls and hinges. Since were in here decided to address all the bright shiny brass which we both have disliked since day one. Just what camper came with. Couldn't justify cost to replace and have actually added few over the years, matching what is there.

Not bad hardware just never liked the appearance, plus there's like 24 of em. They are everywhere.

Plus we've got brass strips even in the picture frame

da bling

And an insert in the wood shelf over the bed?

Pulls are just visual, the hinges have always bugged me more, simply too much shiny stuff. Many are wore excessively and replacement due. (excuse to finally get rid of the shiny brass plated hardware). Back in the day I gather bright blingy shiny stuff was a sales motivation. "oooh dazzling"

These pulls can be had same design and among other finishes antique brass, different inserts, which would ensure coverage of old handle foot print. Would be easier to live with, especially if getting other than white inserts, but decided since spending money to change up to something simpler and different. Really like satin nickel, but after installing the replacement latch bath door, it really doesn't look good on the wood. Decided to go with antique brass.

door curtain

What we decided on was GlideRite 83063-AB pulls and some basic antique brass hinges. Not sure if pulls 'simpler' but sure will quite a bit less busy.

Price not bad, 25 pulls, 40 hinges for $78. Cabinet hardware is just noticeable to folks that live with it, most wouldn't note change. For us its getting rid of brassy shine- all the white inserts. I simply hate polished brass colored plated hardware. Margaret hates the white inserts.

I'm hoping that all the hardware just isn't the primary thing that stands out, which changing to antique will be more subdues instead of the shiny --did I mention I hate polished brass plating hardware....

da bling

Just basic non-self closing antique brass hinges
Not much too show, most of the pictures, hardware just doesn't jump out and make you notice...Oh- that was the point!

da bling

We are liking it. Just subtle-warm
Taken as I went along. Not shown, several of the face side of hinges, screw holes had wallowed out. Simple insert round wood toothpicks broke off flush. Our drawers have face board attached to drawer box, thicker than doors, use longer screws. But most too long for new pulls, thread is just a tad shallower. Used small flat washers so they would snug up. Few I also needed to run drill bit thru to clean out hole.

da bling

Finally changed out the shower door latch after 5 years. Really was having doubts on the hardware. The less eye popping hinges definitely like but the pulls-maybe a bit too bland..starting to have doubts

da bling

This cabinet though with mirrored door swing, lets us see side by side comparison. Easy project-just a lot of screws, a bit time consuming and done over a few evenings. This kinda revitalized the effort being worthwhile. Just have the kitchen 3 upper left.

da bling

Did pull the brass insert out of picture frame and the beds overhead shelf.

da bling

Later in evening so lighting bad for comparison but its nice. Removed the coat rack-looking to either replace hooks or the entire thing.

da bling

And back to the start. Last was changing out hinges on bath bi-fold door. This door has a rubber bulb around perimeter. The hinges have always been a problem, breaking leaves, pins falling out, pulling screws. Hinges are not standard flush hinges, but they don't solve the reason for not using standard hinges. Though they are taller between face of wall to hinge barrel they still try to close flush- which they cant because of the rubber. So I don't know why they were used. I ended up taking new hinges, bending the hinges barrels back toward face mount leave so when closed the back that mounts to door sets about 3/8" from wall. Instead of trying to close flush now allows only slight compression of the gasket. Worked slick.

I also changed door to 4 hinges instead of 3. Besides trying to over compress the gasket that tweaked them, size and weight of door a bit much for standard cabinet hinges. The center hinge shown here since removed.

If not for the way door closes, really nice now, the rubber gasket sort of self defeating in its intent and should be removed. Keeps shower steam contained but using fan to extract steam etc, there's no free flow of air. Fans working pretty hard and not doing much until door is partially opened. If I can find a small register I may add to bottom of door. Due to how thin door is, short of tacking on aluminum louvered grill, likely make something, inset sheet metal.

And since back at start, time to readdress the draped curtain& tie back hooks- which looks like pooh that led to hardware change out.

Hardware just a personal thing but been on the wish list for a long time..
couple of 'after' pics...

da bling

Not much to see...more importantly all the hardware isn't jumping out into view as primary focal points. It was just so busy before...nice.

Few weeks later

door curtain
Fixing reordered door curtain hooks fiasco, I also at same time did the hooks on coat rack, darkening the bright brass.

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