Install a second switch in kitchen to activate circulation pump switch in bath.

I had added a circulating pump to have instant hot water in bath several years ago 11/2015. (Link)
Then in 10/2017 replaced tanks monitor with SeeLevel system Link.

That install had a left over hole in wall that never got filled. Was the old water pump switch. Decided to add a switch in kitchen filling that hole that will activate the circulation pump in bath. Though don't really waste that much water in kitchen waiting for it to get hot but we had noticed when turning on circulation pump to have hot water in bath it was also all but instant hot in kitchen. Needing to fill that hole 1 1/2 years later decided to add switch.

Simple other than running wire. If you've done anything electrical in your camper you know generally running wires from A to B is the largest task...

Plan is to tap the water pump pilot light in kitchen, feed to momentary switch then run wire from momentary to bath momentary.

Removed the SeeLevel monitor to access the wire that comes from water pump to trigger pilot. However realized I cant 'push' the wire to bath down, it has to be fed up from underneath so that means starting in the bath and run to kitchen.

In bath, behind foil, is hole that is open to under closet. Tied end of roll of 18ga wire to a 2' piece of fish (bailing) wire. Pushed fish wire from bath cabinet thru wall up into area under closet.

Removing drawer I can access under closet & fish wire. Fed wire to right which is behind stove.

From under kitchen sink grab the bailing wire from behind stove and pull over to hole that leds behind counter top wall.

From there its just pushing bailing wire up thru hole. Easier said than done but got it.

The 'behind kitchen wall' where hole exits is actually inside at the back of small drawer cabinet. So its reaching back inside a 4" tall space 24", grabbing with tips a fingers and pulling thru. Then redirect thru kitchen wall, can you hear me whine.

And fed thru...only took an hour to run 10' between bath and kitchen

Soldered short jumper to water pump pilot feed, ran to new switch location. Note this purple wire is only hot when water pump turned on. It used to be the supply to turn on pump before adding 3 way switches for remote bath switch. It now only powers pilot. Using the pilot feed so circulation pump can not be turned on unless water present.

Ready for new momentary switch. Now to connect end in bath.

Cut off wire from roll leaving about 16" hanging inside. Unplugged the output from bath momentary switch that triggers circulation pump and solder new feed to it. Plugged back in and button up.

Tested. Turn on water pump then connected the 2 leads in kitchen together (still waiting on switch). Circulation pump cycles on then shuts off. Cool. Double check bathroom switch still functions. Good to go.

When switch arrives its just plugging in. Leftover hole in wall finally utilized though practicality unjustified but no open hole.

Nice dome head push button momentary switch, functions. Tiny. Though not plug in. Terminals to short to make positive connection so soldered wires. Don't know what I was thinking but ordered threaded stem. Had to remove the See level to access back of paneling to thread on nut. Not a big issue. Really like the appearance of the switch-especially verses a blank hole :). Being able to turn on the circulation pump from kitchen just and extra.

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