Wow that water pump is SOOO annoying.

The smallest trickle of water and the pump would just go off, very loudly -thrrrrruuuuuuud- thrrrrruuuuuuuuuddd-thrrrruuuuuuddd
Oh... this is my newly painted CJ, body for Axial Ax10 r/c car. Cut off top -sectioned & dovetailed rear, cut windshield remounted with zip ties so it can be folded down. Turned into a bit of work, egged on by good friend Mike or I probably wouldn't have done it. Next major project is to build a full roll cage, otherwise this body will never see any trail time.....Paint is left over from our real jeep, see if it holds up. Plan was because of all the milking and cuts I was going to paint on outside. maybe rat rod style, ya know like its been sitting behind a barn rustin away for 50 years. But it turned out ok so unless paint starts falling off this will do.

Posing. cause I of the reasons these things are so fun- Just watching them work is amazing.

Why I dovetailed, I run rear steer and this body is a bit short.

Good shot showing the "dash" and the windshield down. The ends wrap around over inside of the doors, big u shape, to give some stuffiness to the body. Along with the top, which I cut to fit dovetailed rear half. This is supposed to mimic my real jeep, which has metal half doors same color as jeep. Problem is when I glued the pieces it milked the plastic, bad, You can see edges of the rear section and the overlap across deck. So I painted the doors black inside and out. All I can think is pin strip the outside to cover milked edges, maybe mount something to cover lap on top, ice chest, high lift?...Wanna find some gages....,

I removed bout a inch 1/2 to narrow rear. Stupid taillights, -there REALLLLY red...Cant ya just see a center mounted speedo?

Ohhh, sparkly,
The camera actually picks up more. Showing the grill-what a pain. i left slots clear just for the heck of it. I could glue a piece of black window screen behind so i looks like a radiator?

Just another overall top view

This came out really way better than I thought it would, some details to add, and hopefully the cage. Im going to paint the nerf bar black (from my VW body) and run them, they do seem to help on rolls and sliding thru stuff. May help protect the body a bit. Ill be a fun body to run, though i imagine Ill be running my bug body still

Nuff for now

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